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what to sell to get quick money

what to sell to get quick money

What to sell to get quick money

Quick money is good. Well selling and getting quick money from your sales depends on your market, prices and how you make sales. High prices reduce demand for goods, you may want to consider your pricing policy if you want to sell your goods fast.

There are basically two ways to sell your goods

  • Advertise first, get customers, get the goods and then sell
  • Buy goods, advertise and then sell.

All of the above are good but it depends on the products you are selling. For instance, foodstuffs can be sold quick in either way, but other items like cars, furniture etc can take a long time hence tying down capital.

So for products other than foodstuffs, it is advisable you advertise, get customers, purchase goods and then supply them to customers and get your money.

Advertising platforms you can use

  1. Jiji.ng: This is an online classified ads site, you post your products there for free and get calls from real buyers. However, your products are promoted faster when you subscribe to their boosted plans.
  2. Olx.com.ng:This is also an online classified ads site, you post your products for free and get calls from real buyers. I like them because they approved your ads quickly and promote them faster.They also have an option for you to boost your ads. The also offer champ services, a representative will promote your products faster and after sales, you offer the champ commission.
  3. Facebook: Facebook gives options for you to promote your products through targeted ads by targeted ads. You can choose the audience that views your ads for quick sales.

For foodstuffs the market is always there, you can decide to be a supplier or a wholesale. Either way, you will make your quick money, gain more experience, get wider market etc.

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