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Traits that make you rich and money over time

Having more money in your bank account or pocket isn’t all about knowing how to bargain with sellers in the market. Most often than ever it is your attitude towards money that determines whether you become rich or not.

The real Millionaires like Sir Emeka offor, Mr. Tony Elumelu, My father in the faith Bishop David Oyedepo and many millionaires don’t portray the filthy rich kind of lifestyle. They have frugal ways of living.

Understanding how personality traits can influence your finances is essential for building sustainable wealth over time.

Traits that make you rich over time

1.Working Hard and Smart

Building sustainable wealth over time rarely comes to play without hard and smart work. Many people give in to betting and winning lotteries thinking that it will solve their financial problems, it’s a lie. The true path to financial freedom is to work hard and earn money while educating yourself to continue to have more value which often leads to an increased salary.


Creativity here means improvising. In a time like this in our country, finding alternative ways of getting things done is needful. The economy of our nation and our earnings don’t match our expectation, development may occur that can cause a whole lot of havoc to our financial plan. When this happens, changes are needed to deal with the new circumstances. Creativity is essential to pull through.


Discipline in the words of Brain Tracy is doing the right thing at the right whether you like it or not. The ability to save money for specific, long-term goals every month comes with discipline. Building a personal finance life is not a quick way to get rich but disciplined execution of lifetime plans.


Organization enhances your productivity level and secures all areas pertaining to your personal finance. It means paying fees on time, getting more done with less time and all these, in the long run, has a great effect on your finances.


Contentment simply means been ok with the things you have, it helps you decide what is essential and non-essential for you per time. The major reason why businesses run commercials is to make you believe that buying a particular product or service makes you look happier, healthy, better looking or improve whatever is not bringing you satisfaction at the moment.

Hence people spend more money on non-essential products or services simply because they what to capture the excitement shown by businesses running advertisements. When you are contented with what you have your finances will be in a lot better shape.


The curiosity of wanting to know more, learn more and earn more. Having curiosity helps you learn, study and improve yourself.

7.Think Back

It is important to think back on past financial decisions made and analyze their results. Financial mistakes are inevitable everyone is bound to make financial mistakes. The key is to think back, analyze their results and never mistake those similar mistakes again.

8.Risk Taker

One must be willing to take a risk in order to build wealth. Why people lose money often is because they take uncalculated risk. Calculated risk taking involves weighing all the options before deciding on what to do.

For instance, starting up a business is a risk but if all factors are taken into consideration, you build sustainable income from it.

Another aspect of risk-taking that can bring sustainable is trading on stocks. The stock market has risk involved but over the long term, history shows that it provides goods returns for money invested wisely. Those who fear to take risk end up saving money in their bank account which they end up losing when inflation arises.

9.Goal Oriented

If you don’t know where you are at the moment, you can’t get to anywhere in the future. Setting financial goals and working towards your financial goals helps you immensely. Written goals serve as motivation to you. Here is the trick. Pick up a piece of paper write down your financial goals for the year, paste it by the corner of your bed so that whenever you wake up the first thing your eyes do is to look at it.

What it does is that it reminds you of what you are to do per day to move towards your financial goal.

Those who don’t have financial goals lack the roadmap that will take them to their financial destination.


Been patient does not mean one is slacking, it is actually waiting for the right time to launch. It helps you save more money.

Waiting for the right to buy a car that fits your budget is patience, it saves you credit and debts.


Enhancing your personal finance is a gradual process, you may not possess all the above-listed traits but knowing them helps you nourish they ones you have and develop the ones you don’t.

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