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ice block making business
Iceblock business

How to start Ice Block Making Business

Have you offered thought to those business openings that will flourish regardless of monetary retreat or blast? One of such businesses is the Ice Block making business. This is a business that individuals frequently tend to look down on, in any case, it is a gold mine, particularly when worked on a huge scale. Examinations have uncovered that one can make between N150,000 to N200,000 benefit month to month, however, in fact, you can even make N10,000 every day, am not bluffing this is real and practical. This business has a high return on investment and the risks are usually low.

Opportunities Inherent in the Ice Block Making Business

  1. Source of Daily and Weekly Income guaranteed
  2. Source of Employment for the unemployed
  3. Avenues for smart entrepreneurs to explore and make more money

About The Ice Block Making Business

Ice block is water in its solid state. It is produced when water is poured or filled into containers/nylon bags and then packed into an Ice block making machine for some hours to solidify. Ice blocks can also be produced with the aid of some chemicals, this type of Ice block is known as anti-freeze ice. Our environmental terrain has made the demand for ice blocks for cooling high and this, in turn, has created a booming business opportunity in urban areas, towns, and towns crosswise over Nigeria. Our hot environment encourages much consumption water and drinks and most preferably the chill ones.

Except on medical grounds, every Nigerian would prefer cold drinks to warm drinks anytime, any day. People who run drink businesses will attest to the fact that customers will always demand chilled drinks than warm drinks. With the epileptic power supply and the high cost of fuel in the country, not all businesses can afford to run generator daily. Except necessary this can lead to extra exorbitant running costs which may likely put the entrepreneur out of business, hence they need ice-blocks to cool to get their drinks chilled. This is where Ice Block Making Business Comes in.

At home, the power supply issue is driving families to utilize Ice Block to protect their food, drinks, and beverages. The beauty of this business is that it can be found anyplace either at home or in an empty place.  The market for this business is wide and fluctuated, as the item is required at different individual levels and additionally organizations managing refreshments and natural product juices. A business visionary can similarly maintain another business close by it to additionally extend the extent of various sources of income. The significant clients of ice block in Nigeria are hospitals, hotels, shop owners, road dealers and coordinators of gatherings.

Why Ice Block making business is profitable

  • Country like Nigeria is situated in one of the most sweltering districts on the planet
  • Our economy is the end goal that larger part of individuals engaged in hard work occupation to make a decent living.
  • Most of the business urban areas dependably encounter overwhelming movement couple with a sweltering climate which influences individuals to long for frosty and chilled drinks, refreshments, bites etc, consistently.

One can envision the quantity of sachet of unadulterated water individuals drink ordinary. Another helpful motivation behind why individuals want to utilize ice block is that they are quicker and more effective at cooling drinks. Contrasted with cooling your food and drinks in a refrigerator or pressing them in a cooler when you can’t convey your frosted foods and drinks from home all around, ice block can give chilled drink in any area; at whatever point and wherever you need it!

How to start Ice Block Making in Nigeria

Area; You can begin from home or lease a shop. Ice piece is more helpful to create from home, however in the event that it’s on a substantial scale you will require a greater space.

  • Deep coolers and ice piece making machines.
  • A generator that can helpfully control your machine or profound coolers.
  • A great water source. Water is essential in Ice piece making business along these lines, you should either sink a water drill gap or purchase water from business water tankers in your general vicinity.
  • Nylon pack for packaging ice square. While sourcing for nylon, you have to arrange accurately on the grounds that there are diverse sorts of nylon in the market at the same time, there is a nylon uncommonly made for Ice piece bundling.
  • Aluminum containers for molding ice block to piece.

Target Markets; Your target markets will be;

  • Beer Parlors or Drink vendors;
  • Party has – individuals arranging parties;
  • Restaurant and quick food houses;
  • Roadside Vendors;
  • pharmaceutical organizations also require the Ice Block for cooling.

Start-up Capital; The capital required to begin an Ice Block Making Business in Nigeria relies on the number of ice blocks you plan to deliver every day. You can begin with a customary household cooler which is more affordable and less productive. In any case, on the off chance that you need to produce say N200, 000 every month, at that point you require around 2million Naira or more as funding to buy your Ice piece making machines and other hardware required. The above figure does exclude the cost of leasing an industrial facility space or the working to introduce your machines as the cost of leasing settlement contrasts from one area to the next.

Conveyance vehicle/truck; This is the huge player in the business. To get new clients and hold old one, you should buy maybe a couple cooling van to help the brisk movement of your Ice Blocks to places inside and around your region where you can without much of a stretch offer them before the landing of your rivals.

Machine sort; There are diverse sorts of ice block machines, there are privately created machines and imported machines of different limits, they are separated by the quantities of molds they can deliver, it could be 40 molds, 60, 100, 120, 200, and it could be as high as 1000 molds. Some of these machines take 12 to 24 hours to harden before you can offer out your ice squares relying upon the extent of the machines you can bear.

Ice characterizations:

Anti-freeze; This is a demonstration of utilizing chemical to influence the ice to block shape quicker even than the required time. Ice square framed with this strategy is called Molds. This isn’t in nylon yet dependably in holders.

Dry ice; This kind of ice square is framed in nylon which is of various sizes contingent upon the cost.Influencing ice to obstruct in Nigeria is undoubtedly a beneficial wander, it is exceptionally requested across the nation and those into it by and by are continually grinning to the bank.

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