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Top 20+ Small Business ideas to start

Here are some small business ideas, you can consider to start. it is not capital intensive and can be very profitable if you are ready to work

Manufacturing of Liquid air freshener: Liquid air freshener is a nice commodity, it is used in homes, offices, restaurant, Hotels, companies etc. To start this production is not capital-intensive. You can start production with homemade equipment. Materials can be sourced locally. After production package in a small well-designed container and begin marketing.

Computer Business Centre: This is a hot selling business. Any entrepreneur that venture into it will make it big. This business is a guaranteed everyday money-making business. However, the business requires good management. Services you will offer includes typesetting work, spiral binding, graphic designs, photocopying etc. Advertise your business very well and go out in search of contracts. Also, check these business ideas

Ice Block Making: This business is solving problems that it is very lucrative. Due to the unsteady power supply in the country, businesses that require keeping their drinks cold and chilled will make the demand for Ice blocks. Any individual can venture into this business, it has no specific requirement and it is highly profitable especially in a rural location. This business can be done on a small-scale with your deep freezer or with the help of an industrial machine. The most important thing is that you must have a good Generator that can power up your equipment effectively.

Production of Customized exercise book: Book printing production is a profitable business especially in modern times like this when everyone knows how education is important. It is a commodity widely needed and used for educational purposes. The business should target public schools, private schools, and companies. According to statistics, there are over 760,000 public and private schools in Nigeria which mean the market is huge.

Photocopying Business: This is a good business, in this business you take up orders and contracts for an agreed low-cost price. To start this business one must buy or alternatively hire a photocopying machine. If don’t know how to operate it go on a short training. Advertise your business through mini publicity and watch the money flow in. Also, check these business ideas


Laundry services: This skill is making waves, it is a business that involves washing, drying and ironing clothes. Office workers really have less time to do their laundry, I cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, this business is a goldmine.

Cleaning Services: Just like laundry services. Cleaning services involve cleaning homes, offices etc. Contracts can be given to you.

Printing of customized seasoned greeting cards: The ban on the importation of cards has made the locally made ones to become high in demand and selling fine. An individual that has skills in printing and designing can take advantage of this opportunity. This business is not capital-intensive and the items you are likely to produce are; Christian cards, birthday cards, success cards, Congratulatory cards, Relationship Cards etc.

Become a computer Engineer: The high usage of computers for effective and efficient production has made the need for computer engineers high. You can acquire training and start making money fixing, repairing assembling Desktop and laptop computers. Also, check these business ideas

Selling stationeries: The profit prospects in this business is high. It is simple to understand and make money. The business majorly involves selling and supplying of books, printing paper, writing pen, Envelopes of all kinds. One important thing you must consider is to cite or locate the business in an open and viable place, such as near or within a higher institution, secretariats, big Business center’s etc. You will surely succeed.

Recharge voucher printing and selling: Millions of GSM users make calls and send messages to loved one, business associates, friends etc, every day. This has created high demand for recharge cards in our society. You can sell in bulk to other retailers. Learn more about this business it is very profitable.

Making Plantain chips: Research has shown that this business is very profitable. The plantain is sliced fried and then packaged, the food is readily taken by many. Things needed to start are; frying pan, knives for cutting and slicing, heat source, nylon and well-designed label to market and promote the image of your business. After production, package your product very well, then you can supply to places like markets, shops, fast-foods and marketplaces etc.

Professional Car Washing: This is a good profitable business, it requires determination and interest to succeed. Many entrepreneurs are making big money time from this business. You can start today with a small space, water source, and some cleaning materials and then expand. To wash a whole car without the engine cost N500 and then with engine cost N1000. This business can be expanded in the later future.

Event Management: This involves preparing, managing and decorating of event venues for different purposes, like conferences, weddings, launching, seminars, competitions, symposium, and workshops etc. An event manager/planner who is good at decorations makes a lot of money by his/her creativity and what does at an event will advertise and recommend him for the future business. The materials you need include flowers, balloon, banner, carpet, curtains, ribbon, and pins etc.

Become a Consultant: To start this business, one must obtain enough training. This means you must work smart and obtain a form of training that is related to your area of interest. Read books and manuals that will equip you with information relating to your area of interest. Package yourself very well, your appearance matters a lot, it will give you the chance to have freedom in self-expression. Advertise yourself, try as much as you can to talk about your services everywhere you go, then make contacts and make the success.

Works as leasing/Hiring agent: People engage in different activities and will need some materials for use, but cannot afford to purchase it. Therefore the services of hiring agents are highly demanded. Materials to hire include; chairs, canopy and wedding materials etc. Other ones like trucks and machines you can link your clients to companies that own these machines and collect your commissions.

Become a millionaire with Nylon Recycling and production: This business will bring you millions if you are ready to do the little work. The business is all about recycling and producing Nylon such as pure water sachet, black or colored polythene bags, biscuits and detergent wrappers. Polythene is used for wrapping all kinds of things. In this business, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, I assure you will make your millions in a short time. Learn more about this business. Also, check these business ideas

Production of Pure/Sachet Water: This is a viable business in Nigeria, over 81% out of the 150 million Nigerians don’t have access to clean drinkable water. There is a good market for any entrepreneur who starts this business. To begin, take research and feasibility study for raw materials, packaging equipment, distribution and marketing of finished products. It does not require too much to begin but you can grow it to a big company that sales trucks of products every day.

Cutting of Keys: This is a good create easy and fast money, which one can start without much requirements other than the necessary tools.

Selling of GSM Accessories:  In this communication era, this business is a hot selling one. It has made so many people millionaires and there are high increasing opportunities in the business. Through this business, you will be connected to importers and if you are diligent, you become an importer in no time.

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