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liquid multi purpose toilet cleaner

produce liquid multipurpose toilet cleaner in Nigeria


The liquid multi-purpose toilet cleaner is formulated to remove hard stains on your toilet bowls which ordinary soaps or cleaner cannot. You can make a huge amount of bucks from this product (liquid multi-purpose toilet cleaner) if you can produce and then sell or trade.

Many homes in our country are in dire need of this product, you could do yourself and the country a whole lot good by starting a small scale production to help meet the demand.

Strategies for a successful product

Price of the product; As you should already know the product is in the market and the only thing that can make your own product competitive and acceptable in the market is the product price. Try making your price reasonable, it works the magic.

Quality of the product; The product must be of good quality to compete well in the market and finally be accepted. Setting a reasonable price is one thing and good quality is another.

Marketing of the product; No matter how your product is of good quality, with a reasonable price, you won’t make many sales without creating awareness of your product, which is marketing. Marketing is the heart of every successful business and product.


1 H.C.L 2 liters Active Ingredient
2 H.F ¼ liter


3 Texapon or Sulphonic Acid 1 kg Foaming agent/emulsifier
4 Fragrance ¼ kg Scent
5 Color A.D Attractiveness
6 Water 2.5 liters Solvent
7 Caustic soda ½ kg Cleansing

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  • Dissolve the caustic soda with a little water like 750ml of water
  • Mix texapon and caustic soda together in a bowl or container
  • Mix H.C.L with little water and pour into solution one and stir clockwise, anticlockwise and middle
  • Pour a little water into a separate bucket, pour the H.F into that bucket containing the little water and stir very hard and pour in solution 2
  • Add ½ liter of water
  • Add perfume or fragrance
  • Add color (blue is preferable)


H.C.L: Hydrochloric acid-a solution of hydrogen

H.F: Hydrofluoric acid- a solution of hydrogen fluoride in water. Both are very corrosive.

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