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produce liquid air freshener in nigeria

How to produce Liquid air freshener in Nigeria

Who doesn’t like or want his or her home to have smell good? you can produce liquid air freshener in Nigeria all by yourself and also start a trade with it and make cool money from it.

Liquid air freshener can be used in cars, home and offices, so the market is open for aspiring entrepreneurs to make a good amount of money from this product if sold.

Strategies for a Successful Product

Price of the product; The price of your product can help you gain market share. Try to set a reasonable price so as not to scare potential customers away.

Marketing of the product; Direct Marketing can be done for this kind of product. The product can be shown to a person in homes and offices etc.

The quality of the product; Quality speaks for itself, anything of good quality is remembered and customers will always want to come back for it.


Deionized Water or Ethanol 80-85% Solvent
Sodium Laural Sulfate (or others) 0.3-0.5% Emulsifier
Glycerline or propylene Glycol 5-10% Filler/Extender
Boric Acidor Methyl paraben 0.1-0.2% Preservative
Fragrance (Ambipur, Lemon or lavender 5% Perfume or scent

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Procedure to produce liquid air freshener in Nigeria

Step 1: Pour solvent (water or ethanol) into the mixer (bowl) or tank

Step 2: Add emulsifier and blend together

Step 3: Add Extender and mix

Step 4: Add perfume, preservative and agitate until you hit homogeneity


For those in Lagos, you can get materials at ojota, oshodi, and ilasa maja. For those in/close to Anambra state, you can get materials at Nkpor in Onitsha. While for those in/close to Rivers state, you can get materials at Diobu in Port Harcourt. Finally, for our Northern brothers and sisters, you can get material at Kaduna, Abuja, and Kano.

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