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Insecticide in nigeria

How to produce Insecticide in Nigeria


Insecticides are used for killing insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc. Insecticides are specially made for killing mosquitoes, we all know that mosquitoes even small as it is, kills a huge population of Nigerian yearly.

As a result of this, the demand for this product is very high and the opportunities in making cool money are high. All need to succeed is branding and marketing.

You can learn how to produce this product (insecticide) for personal use or commercial use. All the information you need to get started is right here.

Strategies for a successful product

The price of the product; Set a reasonable price and make sure all your production costs are factored in, so as to make a profit.

The quality of the product; Everyone wants something that is useful and effective. Produce a good quality product.

Marketing the product; Good marketing ensures that your product reaches the right people, through which you can make sales and profit.

Branding of the product; Branding is very important to any new product. It is your own identity. Example of popular insecticide brands includes; mortein, mobile etc.


1 Kerosene/Naphtha (Fuel) 10 liters Base
 2 DDVP 1 liter Active ingredient
3 Industrial Camphor ⅓ kg Booster
4 Calypso oil (optional) ¼ kg Microbial agent
5 Formalin 1 liter Preservative
6 Perfume ⅛ kg Scent
7 Color (optional) Attractiveness


NOTE: You can mix water and kerosene or petrol to form the base of the insecticides. But to do that, you need an emulsifier – TEA (enables water and oil to mix together) from cosmetic shops around.


  • Dissolve the camphor with a liter of kerosene/petrol
  • Mix the DDVP with the remaining kerosene/petrol
  • Blend the dissolved camphor
  • Add perfume
  • Add color
  • Stir very well and add formalin
  • Package and label

Note: Dissolve the camphor overnight or for three (3) hours

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