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Disinfectant in nigeria

How to produce Disinfectant in Nigeria

How to produce Disinfectant in Nigeria

Disinfectant is antimicrobial agents that are used apply on a non-living object to destroy microorganisms, the process of this is known as disinfection.

Disinfectant helps ensure that we live healthily and happily. They can be used in hospitals, bathroom, kitchens etc. To kill micro organisms that can cause a disease to human health. Disinfectant work by destroying the cell walls of microbes or interfering with the metabolism.

They are opportunities to make good money when you go into the production of this product. They can be produced and supplied directly to homes and hospitals since they are most needed in these areas.

Strategies for a successful product

There are strategies that can make your product become successful after proper launch into the market; they include

The Product price; To make your product become successful after launch, you need to set a reasonable price tag. These make the product competitive and gain market share.

The Product Quality; Quality always speaks for itself. If your product is of good quality it will be patronized greatly.

Product Marketing; Marketing creates awareness, no matter how good your product is if people don’t know about it they won’t buy it.



1. Texapon ¼ kg
2. Pine oil ¼ kg
3. Phenol ¼ kg
4. Lysol/Cresol ¼ kg
5. Izal concentrate ¼ kg
6. Water 4 liters
7. Izal Booster ¼ kg
8. Whitner


Procedure on how to produce disinfectant in Nigeria 

  • Put Texapon in your mixing vessel (bucket, bowl, tank etc.)
  • Add pine stirring and add phenol
  • Keep stirring and add Lysol
  • Keep stirring and add Water
  • Keep stirring and Izal concentrate
  • Keep stirring and add Izal booster
  • Stir and add whitener

N/B: The pine Oil, the Lysol/cresol, and the izal Concentrate the disinfectant while water is the diluent/base. The texapon is the emulsifier allowing, the dispersion of oil and water. Izal booster promote odor of the original disinfectant while the whitener lightens the color

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