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How to Produce Dettol in Nigeria; Complete steps


Dettol (antiseptic disinfectant) is an antimicrobial agent that destroys micro organisms on living tissue. We are using the name Dettol to describe this product because it is a popular brand in Nigeria, and it is well known by almost the whole population in Nigeria.

As earlier said, the antiseptic disinfectant is an antimicrobial agent that kills micro organisms. The product is in high demand and you too can take a part of the market share, if you start a small scale production.

Strategies for a successful product

Branding of the product; Product branding cannot be overemphasized. If you want to have a successful product you got to have or create a good brand.

Price of the product; Setting a reasonable market price can a good way to the success of your product in the market. High prices will drive away potential customers.

Quality of the product; Dettol already has goodwill because of its quality, products of inferior quality will drive potential customers away even if your prices are reasonable.

Marketing of the product; Marketing constitutes the major cost of any new product or business at its introductory stage. It is vital for business growth


1 Pine oil ½ liter Disinfectant
2 Phenol ⅛ liter Disinfectant
3 Texapon ¼ liter Emulsifier
4. Water 2 liters Solvent
5. Ispropyl Alcohol (IPA) 2 liters Solvent
6. Caramel or Dettol color Attractiveness
7 Cholroxylenol ¼ liter Active ingredient


Ensure to follow the under listed steps religious because failure to do so will give you a different result or maybe dangerous.

  • Mix Phenol, pine oil, and texapon together in a bucket, stir very hard to hit uniformity. Please use a flat object to stir.
  • Add chloroxylenol mix together and stir up to 3-5 minutes to avoid separation.
  • Add water to the solution and stir very hard until it becomes whitish.
  • Pour IPA into the solution and stir very hard and then leave for 1-2 minutes.
  • Add Dettol color a bottle cap drop. At this point, the Dettol is ready

NOTE: Use a fat object stick to mix always mix clockwise, anticlockwise and the center.

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