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cold water starch

How to produce cold water starch in Nigeria

The production of starch is gotten from juicy cassava which is used in laundry and treatment of fabrics.

Even though laundry starch has been on for several decades, only recently did the cold water starch emerge. The variety of starch found in the marketplace includes packaged spray starch and the dry powder starch prepared with hot water. The cold water starch is a new innovation which allows people to use it on fabrics without requiring hot water.

All you need do is add the amount of starch you need in a proportionate amount of water either cold or hot, wait for a little for the starch to dissolve and then stir to mix very well, then put the fabric or cloth you wish to starch and then dry.

Cold water starch is a lucrative business and it is expanding year by year and the best part is that it is not capital intensive.

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1 Cassava 2 kg Major Ingredient
2 PVA ½ kg Elasticity
3 Water 5 liters Solvent
4 Fragrance A.D Scent
  • Mix the cassava with warm water and allow it to dissolve properly
  • Allow it to cool down
  • Add PVA and stir properly you can also dissolve the PVA in a liter of separate water before pouring it into solution one
  • Add fragrance and the starch is ready

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  1. thanks for this wonderl steps. but sir what about preservative

  2. Hello Tony, what form of cassava do you mean in your starch making?….thanks for your evisaged response

  3. Hi Tony. Thanks for the info. I have a little issue, i followed the steps and did everything but in the end the product stiffness was not encouraging . Simply, it was not strong.

    I dont know if i did anything wrong. I used hot water to mix the starch and the pva i used was wood glue (top bond) . Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

  4. is there any other substitute for pva?

  5. hi.
    i wish to begin cold water starch biz. where can i get the cassava starch and other ingredients\ materials for the production.

    in addition, do you have any idea of how one can get fairly used concrete sealing machines in nigeria.

    thank. expecting your response in ernest.

    • Hello. Thanks for the comment
      Cassava starch can be gotten from local markets and as for fairly used sealing machines. Lagos is where almost everything you need can be found

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