Thursday , June 21 2018

How to produce Insecticide in Nigeria

Insecticide in nigeria

HOW TO PRODUCE INSECTICIDE IN NIGERIA Insecticides are used for killing insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc. Insecticides are specially made for killing mosquitoes, we all know that mosquitoes even small as it is, kills a huge population of Nigerian yearly. As a result of this, the demand for this product …

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How to produce Bleach in Nigeria

Bleach in nigeria

HOW TO PRODUCE BLEACH IN NIGERIA Bleach is used doing our laundries, cleaning homes etc. Bleach, also known as sodium perborate, is a chemical formula used to remove stains from clothes without damaging colorfast dyes. Sodium perborate breaks down at a light temperature to release H₂O₂ which functions this way. Just like …

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How to produce Disinfectant in Nigeria

Disinfectant in nigeria

How to produce Disinfectant in Nigeria Disinfectant is antimicrobial agents that are applied on a non-living object to destroy microorganisms, the process of this is known as disinfection. Disinfectant helps make sure that we live healthy and happy. They can be used in hospitals, bathroom, kitchens etc. To kill microorganisms that …

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How to produce Methylated spirit in Nigeria

methylated spirit in nigeria

PRODUCTION OF METHYLATED SPIRIT IN NIGERIA Methylated spirit is also known as denatured alcohol is an alcohol-based solvent, which can be used for many things. Its uses among many others include; USES It burns, so it can be used in small stove or lamps. It cleanses pen inks off non-porous surfaces. For …

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Steps on how to produce bread in nigeria

Bread in nigeria

Bread in Nigeria is a commodity that is highly consumed in Nigeria. Nigerians like bread because it’s serves the second option if they don’t want to prepare food or if they want to take something light. Bread is very easy to produce and its materials can be found everywhere in …

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Goat farming in Nigeria; complete information

goat farming in nigeria

Goat farming is a good agricultural business, they are less expensive than cattle to maintain and can bring you lots of money if you know your markets very well. They are highly strong resistant animals that can withstand any climate. Since they are ruminants like cattle, the feed mostly on …

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Cattle farming in Nigeria; complete information

cattle farming in Nigeria

Cattle farming is a capital-intensive business venture. It involves huge capital to start and its management can be very expensive. Although very expensive to set up and maintain, this farming is very profitable and lucrative agricultural business. A fully grown market size cattle can be sold for N200,000 and above. …

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Top 10 reasons why you are not rich

reasons why you are not rich

Reasons why you are not rich yet The reasons why you are not rich is not about your salary, have you not heard of low salary income earners that built wealth and are now millionaires. Many workers with good salaries end up broke just weeks after they have been paid …

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Fish farming in Nigeria; Complete Information

fish farming in nigeria

Fish farming is another lucrative and profitable agricultural business among others and asides poultry. It has caught the heart of many Nigerians especially the young ones because of the good profits that could be gained. The fishes that are used commonly for this type of farming practice in Nigeria are bony …

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Poultry farming in Nigeria; complete information

poultry farming in nigeria

Poultry farming is still a profitable investment anyone in Nigeria can venture into and make guaranteed huge amounts of returns. This farming system is so flexible that one can go into it on a large scale or small scale and still make profits. Chickens in extensive and semi-intensive poultry production …

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