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Ogbono in Nigeria and it’s sales

The name of ogbono is a household name in Nigerian kitchens. It is one of the most expensive recipes used in making draw soup in Nigeria. 

Ogbono(wild mango, African mango, Bush mango, dika) grows naturally in a canopied jungle, gallery forest, and semi-deciduous forests. It grows at altitudes from 200-500m (660-1640ft) with annual rainfall from 120-150cm (47-59in). Supported temperature ranges from 20-38 degree Celsius (68-100) under slightly shaded to very bright, clear skies. Deep soils with more than 150cm (59m) are needed with moderate fertility and a moderate drainage.

The Product can be mostly found in the southern part of Nigeria, specifically in regions like cross river and Edo.

It has various uses

1. It can be eaten fresh

2. Further processed into jelly, jam, juice and sometimes wine

3. The pulp can be also used to prepare black dye for cloth coloration

4. It can be pounded into butter or chocolate like block

5. Ogbono seeds can be pressed to produce edible oil or margarine which is used for cooking

6. The oil can be further processed into soap, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals

7. The pressed cake can be used as cattle feed

8. It can be grounded and used as a thickener and flavoring agent in our local soups.


Extraction Process

  • They are picked from the ground or plucked
  • The fruits are allowed to decompose for few days or alternatively the pulp can be peeled, leaving the nuts
  • The nuts are cracked open using a hammer
  • The ogbono seeds are extracted from the nuts
  • The extracted seeds are dried under the sun for a few days
  • Sun drying the ogbono seeds helps to preserve the seeds for a long time
  • Dried ogbono seeds can be stored in a container and used for more than one year.

How to get ogbono seeds and how to sell them

Ogbono seeds can be gotten from the northern part of cross river state in local governments like Ikom, Etung, Boki etc. To get ogbono seed for resale click here

 Ogbono is of two types

  1. The raining season (ugiri)
  2. The dry season 

The major differences are simply the dry season ogbono has more drawing power and is most requested in the market

Market Analysis and Sales

The price of this product is high during the dry season specifically from November to April because the product is scarce. Then from May to October, the price will be low because the product will be already in the market. The raining season ogbono comes out more than that of the dry season.to make huge profits

To make huge profits it is advisable you source the product directly from the farmers, store them and then sell when the product is scarce in the market 

Click here to meet with  a farmer


Please make sure proper market analysis or research is carried out as to the measurement scale this is where wholesale can lose when selling to retailers.

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