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Top 20+ Lucrative Business ideas

Here are the top 20 lucrative business ideas you can start and make good money. Do stop here research more before you start.

Starting an Airline Ticket Agency: Despite the periodic fluctuations, the travel industry still presents a very suitable business opportunity for the right and diligent entrepreneurs. Due to the variable cost of energy and other pressures, airlines routinely change their pricing structures and fee rates, creating the possibility for agents to acts as intermediaries between passengers and airlines. Also, check these business ideas

Real Estate: This is very lucrative and is capital-intensive. The ever-growing population in the country makes this business very lucrative. Locate a good land that is close to the road and build houses, advertise and get tenants in. You just sit down and wash your money flow in.

Fashion Design: What makes this Business is that it is a necessity, people will always want to wear clothes, and it is among the three basic needs of man.

Bottled Water: This Business strives because of over six (6) billion world population. More than half of this figure does not have access to clean water. Thank God you have this information, start production with a little investment and grow the business from the profits the profit that is earned until the business can be expanded to the point that water bottling and purchasing water rights for the bottling can be accomplished.

Bakery: Bread has for a long time been a part of man’s diet. In recent times varieties and flavors of bread are being made and sold in commercial establishments known as bakeries. Bread is a staple food with a worldwide consumption. A lot of people include bread in their daily diet because it is an already made food. You can start this business by supplying retailers daily or weekly.

Waste Management Recycling Business Plant: Huge amount of garbage’s are thrown every day So there is a need for waste management, you can get contracts from the government or corporate entities who engage in corporate social responsibilities. Read and learn more about this business. Also, check these business ideas

E-commerce: The internet has opened many business opportunities which we can take advantage of and E-commerce is one of them. E-commerce is an online store where goods can be purchased. Most people, especially in the US, prefer making payments for items online and having brought to them at home. Learn from top online e-commerce stores Konga and Jumia.

Foodstuff Business: This is a hot profitable business. People will always want to eat, even when they don’t have clothes to wear. This fact makes this business a profitable one.

Tutoring Business: People always want to learn and improve themselves, you can solve this problem if you are an expert in a particular field, teach people and make money. An example of this kind of business is an ICAN Tutor Center.

Lawn Care Mowing Services Business: This is a lucrative business. Carry out more research about this business.

Foodstuff wholesale Supply: This business involves sourcing for foodstuffs like Garri, yams, potato etc from farmers and then supplying them to markets. It is very profitable because of the high demand for food. The business is very lucrative as you can start making your profit when in the process of supplying. The market people will pay for your goods immediately.

Sale of Building Material: A very profitable business. Individuals, companies and the government yearly invest in real estate. The materials you can sell include Doors, toilet and bathroom equipment, etc. The profit prospects in this business are huge.

Sale of Furniture: The sale of furniture is a very lucrative business. People love-making their houses look good with nice items of furniture.

Nursery and Primary School: Due to high birth rate in the country yearly, there is a need for more schools to help educate the children to become leaders. This one major reason makes this business very profitable.

Sale of second-hand clothes (okirka): This business has a huge consumer based, you will be making good money selling to owners of boutiques, retailers, and individuals. People will patronize you because of the low-cost price, you offer. Also, check these business ideas

Making Customized Shirts: This is a good business whether you focus only on females or males. If you choose to go into the business, go to the market and get good materials and make excellent designs. You can advance better by acquiring some skills on artistry from practicing people.

Candle Manufacturing: You will agree with me that we have long periods of electricity outage in the country. Candle manufacturing is a very viable business as most homes need it, an entrepreneur can start this business with as little as N20,000.

Video and Photographing: This is a great profession; with proves to give you millions. Many entrepreneurs who are in this business are living large. They make money by offering their services to organizers of events and occasions. What is needed to start this business is a camera, and a bag to carry it, for a start you can hire this equipment till you stabilize on your own. Also, check these business ideas

Stage Homes: People are having troubles selling their homes these days and could use the stage home technique to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. Home staging requires professional design. So if you’ve got designing skills, offer your services.

Manufacturing Fast Moving consumers Good (FMCG): Fast moving consumers goods are goods that are high in demand, people hardly without them. An example of a Fast Moving Consumer Good is Soap.

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