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Search Engine Optimization Service

search engine optimization service

Our Search Engine Optimization service is necessary for every business that what to have an edge over her competitors. The world is now technological driven, no one goes about looking for goods or services. They just type what they want on search engines like Google, Bing and then respond to …

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Professional Cv writing services

professional cv writing

Our professional cv writing service will land you, your desired job. We hire the best to carry out this process and assure you that after coming on board within 3 months you will get your desired Job. This is  what you should expect after letting us handle this service for …

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Business Plan writing services

business plan writing services

Writing a concrete and precise business plan for your business could be very challenging. We are here to take off that burden from you. Informationhive media is now offering business plan writing services in areas such as; Business plan Franchise Business Plan Bankruptcy business plan Financial models Detailed Business Plan …

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How to start Ice Block Making Business

ice block making business

Have you offered thought to those business openings that will flourish regardless of monetary retreat or blast? One of such businesses is the Ice Block making business. This is a business that individuals frequently tend to look down on, in any case, it is a gold mine, particularly when worked on …

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10 Ways To Grow Your Business

grow your business

Business growth is very vital for every entrepreneur. If your business is not growing it means that its potentials are stunted, limited and you may soon run out of business if little sales revenue fails to cover the operational and fixed cost in the long run. A business majorly grows …

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7+ ways to promoting your business

promoting your business

Every business owner knows how important it is to promote his/her business. It brings more sales and revenue, in the long run, it may not be an exciting activity in itself, but you just have to do for the greater good of your business. An hour of planning on how …

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5+ Ways to Find a Profitable Business Opportunity

The world is full of opportunities, I may just spoil this moment if I tell you that the best lucrative or profitable business opportunity is in the Oil and Gas or In the Agricultural sector, although the Agricultural sector is considered one of the .  Please don’t get me wrong, …

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Fastest Growing Small Business Opportunities

The sectors below are where you can find the fastest growing small business opportunities and make cool money. These areas have high prospects for expansion in the future. Agricultural Sector Poultry and catfish farming: The catfish farming business hasn’t really reached its peak or full potentials. The major players in …

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Top 20+ Lucrative Business ideas

Here are the top 20 lucrative business ideas you can start and make good money. Do stop here research more before you start. Starting an Airline Ticket Agency: Despite the periodic fluctuations, the travel industry still presents a very suitable business opportunity for the right and diligent entrepreneurs. Due to …

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Top 20+ Small Business ideas to start

Here are some small business ideas, you can consider to start. it is not capital intensive and can be very profitable if you are ready to work Manufacturing of Liquid air freshener: Liquid air freshener is a nice commodity, it is used in homes, offices, restaurant, Hotels, companies etc. To …

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10+ Ways to generate ideas that create wealth

generate ideas that create wealth

How to generate ideas that create wealth Ideas are thoughts that reside in the mind of a person. An idea may have similarities with that of another person, but the in-depth content will for sure be different. Let’s use Facebook’s owner “Mark Zuckerberg” as an example. He had an idea …

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6+ Pre-requisites to note before starting a business

Having a business is like starting a new chapter of life. It requires the ability to think, believe, create and re-create, I once heard a brother say “in pidgin” (Nigerian vernacular) “Omo bros business na mind oh”, what does this mean, it means that you must be able to make …

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How to get Google AdSense approval easily

Google AdSense has over the years proven to be the best monetization tool for websites and blogs. We have heard various testimonies of top bloggers making a living through Google AdSense and as a newbie into the blogging business, you wish to make money like them from AdSense. Well, it …

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The role of the Capital market in Nigeria,

capital market in nigeria

The capital market is a market that is used primarily for raising medium-term and long-term funds to finance capital-intensive projects the federal, the state, the local and corporate bodies. The institution of the capital market in Nigeria can be traced back to the colonial times, although during that time it …

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Groundnut farming in Nigeria

groundnut farming

Groundnut is a regularly consumed crop in Nigeria. During its peak period (raining season) farmers make a lot of money trading it. Groundnut is a dual purpose crop, it is cultivated as an oil crop as well as protein, pulse or leguminous crop. Groundnut is usually grown for its oil. …

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