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How to produce Disinfectant in Nigeria

Disinfectant in nigeria

How to produce Disinfectant in Nigeria Disinfectant is antimicrobial agents that are used apply on a non-living object to destroy microorganisms, the process of this is known as disinfection. Disinfectant helps ensure that we live healthily and happily. They can be used in hospitals, bathroom, kitchens etc. To kill micro organisms that …

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How to produce Methylated spirit in Nigeria

methylated spirit in nigeria

PRODUCTION OF METHYLATED SPIRIT IN NIGERIA Methylated spirit is also known as denatured alcohol is an alcohol-based solvent, which can be used for many things. It use among many others include; USES It burns, so it can be used in small stove or lamps. It cleanses pen inks off non-porous surfaces. …

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Steps on how to produce bread in nigeria

Bread in nigeria

Bread in Nigeria is a commodity that is highly consumed in Nigeria. Nigerians like bread because it’s serves the second option if they don’t want to prepare food or if they want to take something light. Bread is very easy to produce and its materials can be found everywhere in …

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Top 10 reasons why you are not rich

reasons why you are not rich

Reasons why you are not rich yet The reasons why you are not rich is not about your salary, have you not heard of low salary income earners that built wealth and are now millionaires. Many workers with good salaries end up broke just weeks after they have been paid …

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Ways to make money online in Nigeria

ways to make money online in nigeria

Ways to make money online in Nigeria Internet business is like every other business, it needs time, dedication, creativity and hard work. You can make money online in Nigeria and use this business as a full-time income if you serious. The is a myth for making money and it works …

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How to make money blogging in Nigeria

make money blogging in nigeria

Make Money Blogging in Nigeria Blogging is one of the best platforms to make money in Nigeria. Many people feel that bloggers make money from megabytes, well that’s not true no blogger can make money from megabytes used on their site. I will just be straight with you, making money …

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The Money Market in Nigeria

Money market in Nigeria

Money Market in Nigeria The Money market in Nigeria is an open-ended investment market that allows investors to invest in short-term securities such as Treasury bills, Fixed Deposit, Certificate of Deposit, Bonds, Commercial Paper and Bankers Acceptance. Reasons to Invest in the money market in Nigeria Low Risk The is little …

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Investment Ideas in Nigeria

Investment Ideas in Nigeria

Investment Ideas in Nigeria Many people in Nigeria want to invest in something to get more income and are looking for investment ideas in Nigeria. Read this post to get a head start. As the country is now if you are depending on only one source of income you are …

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How to index your blog on Google

Index your blog on google

when we index our blogs or website it enables Google to crawl your site and then display them to readers, whenever a particular keyword used by you is searched. Google has a robot called Google bot that pulls web pages and contents from your blog to display to end users …

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Why you don’t make money from blog Niches in Nigeria

blog niches in Nigeria

Many venture into the blogging business for the sole purpose of making money and miss the very important aspect on how to choose a niche for their blog out of the various blog niches in Nigeria. They look up to Linda Ikeji and the other guy Jide ogunsanya for inspiration. …

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Traits that make you rich and money over time


Having more money in your bank account or pocket isn’t all about knowing how to bargain with sellers in the market. Most often than ever it is your attitude towards money that determines whether you become rich or not. The real Millionaires like Sir Emeka offor, Mr. Tony Elumelu, My …

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Trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Trading the Nigerian stock Exchange

Trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange The Nigerian Stock Exchange is a market where companies securities are traded. Companies securities here are referred to shares they offer to the public. Companies offer these shares to the public in order to raise capital to finance their projects. The public, in turn, …

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how to start a blog in Nigeria with ₦1,850

start a blog in Nigeria

Have you ever wanted to start a blog in Nigeria but don’t know how to go about it or feel it is too technical cause you’ve heard websites/blogs deals with programming language codes? Are you tired of being charged regularly by a webmaster to update contents to your blog/website? Have …

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