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Search Engine Optimization Service

search engine optimization service

Our Search Engine Optimization service is necessary for every business that what to have an edge over her competitors. The world is now technological driven, no one goes about looking for goods or services. They just type what they want on search engines like Google, Bing and then respond to …

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Professional Cv writing services

professional cv writing

Our professional cv writing service will land you, your desired job. We hire the best to carry out this process and assure you that after coming on board within 3 months you will get your desired Job. This is  what you should expect after letting us handle this service for …

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Business Plan writing services

business plan writing services

Writing a concrete and precise business plan for your business could be very challenging. We are here to take off that burden from you. Informationhive media is now offering business plan writing services in areas such as; Business plan Franchise Business Plan Bankruptcy business plan Financial models Detailed Business Plan …

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How to get Google AdSense approval easily

Google AdSense has over the years proven to be the best monetization tool for websites and blogs. We have heard various testimonies of top bloggers making a living through Google AdSense and as a newbie into the blogging business, you wish to make money like them from AdSense. Well, it …

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The role of the Capital market in Nigeria,

capital market in nigeria

The capital market is a market that is used primarily for raising medium-term and long-term funds to finance capital-intensive projects the federal, the state, the local and corporate bodies. The institution of the capital market in Nigeria can be traced back to the colonial times, although during that time it …

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produce liquid multipurpose toilet cleaner in Nigeria

liquid multi purpose toilet cleaner

LIQUID MULTI PURPOSE TOILET CLEANER The liquid multi-purpose toilet cleaner is formulated to remove hard stains on your toilet bowls which ordinary soaps or cleaner cannot. You can make a huge amount of bucks from this product (liquid multi-purpose toilet cleaner) if you can produce and then sell or trade. …

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How to Produce Dettol in Nigeria; Complete steps


DETTOL Dettol (antiseptic disinfectant) is an antimicrobial agent that destroys micro organisms on living tissue. We are using the name Dettol to describe this product because it is a popular brand in Nigeria, and it is well known by almost the whole population in Nigeria. As earlier said, the antiseptic …

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How to produce Moisturizing cream in Nigeria

produce moisturizing cream in nigeria

MOISTURIZING CREAM IN NIGERIA  Moisturizing Cream in Nigeria is so important and useful, especially to Nigerians. They can be used for various reasons example lightening creams are commonly used by Nigerian women for beauty and lightening of the skin. They are others like anti fungal creams used for clearing eczema …

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How to produce Liquid air freshener in Nigeria

produce liquid air freshener in nigeria

Who doesn’t like or want his or her home to have smell good? you can produce liquid air freshener in Nigeria all by yourself and also start a trade with it and make cool money from it. Liquid air freshener can be used in cars, home and offices, so the …

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How to produce custard in Nigeria

produce custard in nigeria

CUSTARD PRODUCTION IN NIGERIA  Custard is a treated form of pap, it is the same corn used in producing pap that is used for custard. Custard, however, is more nutritious than pap because of the added nutrients like Vitamin c, Vitamin A and Iron. The preparation of custard is very …

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How to make soap in Nigeria; complete guide

make soap in nigeria

SOAP Soap is simply a product of the reaction between fat and alkali. The alkali mostly used to make soap is sodium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide can also be used. Soap is of different forms, they are; powder soap, Liquid soap and solid or bar soap. Types of soap Toilet soap …

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How to produce cold water starch in Nigeria

cold water starch

The production of starch is gotten from juicy cassava which is used in laundry and treatment of fabrics. Even though laundry starch has been on for several decades, only recently did the cold water starch emerge. The variety of starch found in the marketplace includes packaged spray starch and the …

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How to produce aftershave in Nigeria for men

produce aftershave in nigeria

How to produce aftershave in Nigeria Aftershave is a product used in our local barbing saloon or in various homes. They are applied after shaving to prevent bumps or rashes from appearing on faces freshly shaved. It also enhances healthy hair growth for men. They are many local barbing salons …

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How to produce Insecticide in Nigeria

Insecticide in nigeria

HOW TO PRODUCE INSECTICIDE IN NIGERIA Insecticides are used for killing insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc. Insecticides are specially made for killing mosquitoes, we all know that mosquitoes even small as it is, kills a huge population of Nigerian yearly. As a result of this, the demand for this product …

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How to produce Bleach in Nigeria

Bleach in nigeria

HOW TO PRODUCE BLEACH IN NIGERIA Bleach in Nigeria is used for washing clothes. Bleach, usually known as sodium perborate, is a chemical formula used to remove stains from clothes without damaging color fast dyes. Sodium perborate breaks down at a light temperature to release H₂O₂ which functions this way. Just …

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