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Grasscutter farming in nigeria

Grasscutter farming in Nigeria; complete information

Grasscutter which is also known as cane rat is of the rodent family, they are widely distributed and valued in West and central Africa. They are often preferred over other sources of meat.

The vast majority of these animals are still gathered from the wild and several species have been hunted so extensively that they are now extinct. This offers small-scale farmers, investors, businessmen and all those with a wealth-mind set, an economic incentive for raising Grasscutters in captivity.

More recently, intensive production of Grasscutters has been undertaken in many African countries, including Nigeria. Research carried out over the last two decades has allowed the selection and Improvement of stock for captivity with much knowledge and techniques for Grasscutter production. Our e-book manual provides practical information for anyone interested in Grasscutter farming and production in Nigeria.

Grasscutter farming in Nigeria is a suitable mini-livestock farming method for income generation in many parts of Nigeria. It has put smiles on the faces of many who have ventured into it. For me, I will say it is a goldmine as it is not capital intensive and the profit prospects of this farming business are huge.

Very Few Nigerian are making it big in this business, and you are fortunate to have this information at this time because you will be among the very few persons in Nigerian making it big from this farming business venture. Your customers in this business will be majorly the local restaurants and Hotels. Apart from local restaurants, if people get to know that you are into this trade, you are a millionaire already.

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Benefits of Grasscutter farming in Nigeria

  1. PRODUCTION OF MEAT: The Grasscutter meat is a delicacy, it is often referred to as bush meat. As earlier said the meat contains protein and has low fat which is good for humans. Their meats are used for delicacies in local restaurants, they are properly called bushmeat
  2. SOURCE OF EMPLOYMENT: Nigeria has opted to make a radical shift to Agriculture. Unemployed young Nigerians can venture into this farming business and forget about white collar job. This trade can put food on your table and make you more financially buoyant than the so-called white collar jobs that give peanuts even to well-qualified candidates.
  3. PRODUCTION OF PHARMACEUTICALS: Grasscutter pancreas is believed to have a high concentration of insulin which can be used in the treatment of diabetes.
  4. SOURCE OF INCOME: Rearing grasscutter is a profitable venture and good money can be made from it. They reproduce fast. A grasscutter is set for reproduction after 7months of birth and can produce 4-10 babies this happen twice in a year.

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Grasscutter farming in Nigeria


Getting a good site is a priority to a productive Grasscutter farming venture. The main factor to consider in site selection is where to locate the Grasscutter housing. Generally, in selecting a site the following rules apply.

  • Far from a very noisy environment to avoid stress.
  • Far from bad odor and environmental pollution to prevent illness
  • Close to the residence of the breeder to ensure security, close monitoring, and supervision


The farming method is another factor you should consider, there are two types of farming

(A). Ground-level farming

  • Enclosures With an open upper part
  • Enclosures with a closed upper part

(B). Off ground level farming, each farming type has its advantages and disadvantages. As a farmer, you should take note of this. Read our manual to get more information


To prevent diseases, inbreeding, too early mating or to be able to slaughter the right animal at the right time etc., a farmer will need to make stables and hutches. In this way, he can manage the animals very and get good profits from them.

Grasscutter farming in nigeria









The Grasscutter is an herbivorous animal with a wide nutritional intake. The major part of its diet is composed of grasses with fairly high crude fiber content. It can apparently tolerate a certain level of Tannin found in leaves and bark as well as cyanogenic glycosides present in green maize, sorghum, and Manihot. Hence, in its natural habitat, the Grasscutter, in addition to the consumption of forage, resorts to other nutritional elements (like agricultural by-product) which abound within its natural milieu to complete its meal course in order to grow and remain healthy. They always prefer grasses with lots of moisture and soluble carbohydrate. They equally eat fallen fruits, nuts and many kinds of cultivated Crops.

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INVEST IN KNOWLEDGE: Make research and know more about this animal. Go for seminars, workshops, read the book and also read every material you can find that will help you increase knowledge and expertise.

APPRAISE YOUR RESOURCES: Be honest with yourself, do you have the time, money and energy and all other factors such as and manpower etc, necessary to build on this farming business and make it grow big and profitable?.

PLANNING: Have a business plan that will walk you through the whole process in the business. Determine how viable this business can be, it very essential and necessary.

COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION OR SMALL SCALE PRODUCTION: How do you intend to start this business, is it going to be on a small scale or large scale. We will advise beginners to start small so that you can know the rudiments of the business and then grow.

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Grasscutter farming in Nigeria

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