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generate ideas that create wealth

10+ Ways to generate ideas that create wealth

How to generate ideas that create wealth

Ideas are thoughts that reside in the mind of a person. An idea may have similarities with that of another person, but the in-depth content will for sure be different. Let’s use Facebook’s owner “Mark Zuckerberg” as an example. He had an idea to connect the world through the web, also the founders of twitter a similar idea. They both came up with different platforms and ways of achieving their ideas and the best part are that they are among the richest people in the world today. So an idea can only be harbored by you unless you share with another person.

Ideas are money, they have the potential of changing one’s status financially. Do you remember the story of the gateman that was always at the gate of a popular brand “close up” opening and closing the gate for workers in the company? He had an idea and that idea changed his life for forever.

Close up at some point in time where losing their market share to competitors, the manager was under pressure, he needed an idea and strategy to gain back market share and keep the pace with competitors. Then came this gateman proffering a solution to the present situation the company was, the manager looked at him as a unserious person but later knew he was serious when he offered to resign if his idea didn’t work and demanded that they sign an agreement that he will be receiving dividends if the idea worked. The Manager reluctantly agreed and applied the idea.

To his amazement the idea worked and close up was able to gain their market share which they almost lost to competitors. I bet you want to know what the idea was, it was the mouth of close-up, it was too large and consumers were annoyed the product didn’t last long.

You see the power of ideas. It can change your levels I bet you the former gateman is now enjoying himself in a well-furnished home as a shareholder of close-up.


The best way to produce a good idea is to have lots and lots of ideas and choose the best sampled one. Let’s look at tips for generating good ideas that can create wealth.

  1. Be a creative thinker: What people see as nothing, creative thinkers see something. To generate good ideas that create wealth, you must believe in something, be hungry to know and explore new ideas and believe you can generate profitable ideas.
  2. Welcome small or little ideas: No matter how small an idea could do not underrate it. Great things have little beginnings. Try on how to improve on those little ideas of yours.
  3. Be very observant: Have your eyes on events and happenings around you, keep watch on them with interest and passion. Find out what people want and provide the solution.
  4. Develop yourself to new experiences: try to gain more exposure, interact with different people, by doing this, you will position your mind for action. Adapt to people of different varieties, seek new information, attend seminars, trade shows, read books etc.
  5. Capture that flashes your mind: When an idea flashes you mind be sensitive and take hold of it. Put it down in writing so you don’t forget.
  6. Maintain an inquisitive mind: Always ask questions for clarification, get a current and better understanding of your knowledge of things.
  7. Get a mentor: learn from a mentor, connect yourself with people of great minds, interact with and get to know how they started, experiences and recommendations.
  8. Take action now, test your idea, then act immediately on what you think will be profitable.
  9. Never forget the people who helped you to the top.
  10. And above all put God first in that business.

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