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How to produce Disinfectant in Nigeria

Disinfectant in nigeria

How to produce Disinfectant in Nigeria Disinfectant is antimicrobial agents that are used apply on a non-living object to destroy microorganisms, the process of this is known as disinfection. Disinfectant helps ensure that we live healthily and happily. They can be used in hospitals, bathroom, kitchens etc. To kill micro organisms that …

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How to produce Methylated spirit in Nigeria

methylated spirit in nigeria

PRODUCTION OF METHYLATED SPIRIT IN NIGERIA Methylated spirit is also known as denatured alcohol is an alcohol-based solvent, which can be used for many things. It use among many others include; USES It burns, so it can be used in small stove or lamps. It cleanses pen inks off non-porous surfaces. …

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Steps on how to produce bread in nigeria

Bread in nigeria

Bread in Nigeria is a commodity that is highly consumed in Nigeria. Nigerians like bread because it’s serves the second option if they don’t want to prepare food or if they want to take something light. Bread is very easy to produce and its materials can be found everywhere in …

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