Thursday , June 21 2018
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How to get Google AdSense approval easily

Google AdSense has over the years proven to be the best monetization tool for websites and blogs. We have heard various testimonies of top bloggers making a living through Google AdSense and as a newbie into the blogging business, you wish to make money like them from AdSense. Well, it …

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Ways to make money online in Nigeria

ways to make money online in nigeria

Ways to make money online in Nigeria Internet business is like every other business, it needs time, dedication, creativity and hard work. You can make money online in Nigeria and use this business as a full-time income if you serious. The is a myth for making money and it works …

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How to make money blogging in Nigeria

make money blogging in nigeria

Make Money Blogging in Nigeria Blogging is one of the best platforms to make money in Nigeria. Many people feel that bloggers make money from megabytes, well that’s not true no blogger can make money from megabytes used on their site. I will just be straight with you, making money …

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How to index your blog on Google

Index your blog on google

when we index our blogs or website it enables Google to crawl your site and then display them to readers, whenever a particular keyword used by you is searched. Google has a robot called Google bot that pulls web pages and contents from your blog to display to end users …

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how to start a blog in Nigeria

start a blog in Nigeria

Have you ever wanted to start a blog in Nigeria but don’t know how to go about it or feel it is too technical cause you’ve heard websites/blogs deals with programming language codes? Are you tired of being charged regularly by a webmaster to update contents to your blog/website? Have …

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