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agricultural business ideas in Nigeria

11+ Agricultural business ideas in Nigeria

Agricultural business Ideas in Nigeria (Farm products)

Agriculture is the next big thing for Nigeria. The government has put in so many resources into the agricultural sector. The sector which was once the major generator of revenue for the government is gaining back ground to increase and diversify our country’s revenue and also boost our gross domestic product. I want to be a little dynamic here, you might have heard of poultry farming, fish farming as profitable, no doubt they are really profitable but they are other agro products (Farm products) sold fast in our local market and exported too.

Most of this products are seasonal, they can be bought at a lower price during its season stored and then sold at a higher price when they are out of season.

Agricultural business ideas in Nigeria (Farm products)

Ogbono (irivinga Gabonesis, African Bush Mango) Business

This agro product is known as a soup recipe, its acts as a thickening our local soup. It is well demanded both home and abroad. It can be sold in 50kg bags or more. This business is very profitable from December to early April. After this period the price drops drastically.

Sesame Business

This agro-product can be further processed into vegetable oil, margarine, soap making etc. It is highly demanded product for export and can be sold in tonnes.

Soya bean Business

Soya bean is one of the cheapest sources of protein in Nigeria and is essential for the nourishment of both adults and children. It grows well mostly in the northern part of Nigeria. This product is also a well-demanded product for export.

Palm Business

Three agro products that are highly profitable can be gotten from the palm tree

a.Palm oil: The product is extracted from palm fruit. Buy at a cheap rate during the season and sell when out of season. You can make up 170% gain from this business

b.Palm Kernel Nuts: The product is also gotten from the palm fruits. These nuts are further processed and used for the production of goods for commercial use.

c.Palm oil cake: This product can also be gotten from the palm tree

Cassava Production Business

Cassava can be further processed into garri, a well-demanded product In Nigeria. The good thing is that there is always demand in the Nigerian market due to its high rate of consumption.

Vegetable Business (ugu)

Ugu is highly demand product in the Nigerian market. It is used as a recipe in our local soups.

Rice Business

Good rice can be gotten in Nigeria, in fact, the federal government has empowered rice farmers to produce more rice to meet demands. Use this opportunity to secure grants or loans from the government to start a rice farm. Nigerians are said to be the highest consumers of rice.

Maize farming Business

Maize is the most important cereal in the world after wheat and rice. It is used as a nutritional source for both humans and animals apart from this it also has industrial uses Nestle and Kellogg make use of maize for their products.

Charcoal business

Charcoal business is quite capital intensive, one going into this business must have vast knowledge about it. Charcoal can be exported to foreign countries, the demand for charcoal is high especially from US.

Moringa Business

Everything about the moringa plant is useful. It contains significant amounts of nutrients that are helpful to the body. Some of the benefits are reduction diabetes symptoms, support the brain health. You can farm or meet local farmers to buy from them and then resell to health companies.

Cocoa Business

Cocoa is farmed majorly for exportation, huge amount of profit can be made from this trade. Nigeria exports 242,000 tones of cocoa all gathered from all the 14 cocoa producing states. Meet local farmers buy the agro-products and source for foreign customers.


There you have it, lucrative and profitable agricultural businesses you can venture into in Nigeria. They are a lot and lots of others, share others with us by commenting below and please ask questions if you have to.

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