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promoting your business

7+ ways to promoting your business

Every business owner knows how important it is to promote his/her business. It brings more sales and revenue, in the long run, it may not be an exciting activity in itself, but you just have to do for the greater good of your business. An hour of planning on how to promote or actually promoting your business will do you a lot of good.

The first way to promoting your business is by actually getting the word out and doing it consciously when you meet people. You can’t rely on anyone to do this for you, you have to do it yourself.

The second way is having a little budget for promotion and doing it the way other businesses do. Here are the other ways to promoting your business.


Mobile promotion isn’t just for delivery vans. You can use this medium to promote your business effectively. Wrap removable stickers on your marketing vehicles or better still pay commercial bus drivers for advert space on their vehicles and wrap your removable stickers. The stickers will be on commercial vehicles for a limited time. Depending on your locality a single wrap can get 20,000-60,000 views a day.


Use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote your business. To get started on Facebook create a Facebook Fan page get people to like the page, you can accelerate your reach by running paid advertising to let people know what you do.

For Twitter create an account and try to get many followers as possible. These mediums are very effective especially when you have an announcement to make or when you’re launching a new product.


There is no doubt on the large potential reach you can get through the web. Blogging is can be used for content marketing to reach your targeted audience. I would advise every business to have a website online, create a blog section and write contents about your product or services, optimize for google search by using keywords in your niche and increase your page rank. You will be glad you did this when you start seeing the results.

Writing Articles to promote your business is also a good strategy. Paid articles on business review can be written on magazines and Newspapers. To do this try contacting the Business editor of a local Newspaper that is pitching your niche and discuss with them.


Press release can also be another medium to promoting your business. Before you do this make sure you have a useful information that will capture the interest of your targeted audience.

Are you helping a charity home? Are you engaging in corporate social responsibilities? Has your Business Expanded or Changed Location? Have you launched a new product? These are just tips out of the various other reason you may do promotions via Press release. Create Promotions that are worthy of interest using a press release.


There is no harm wearing a T-shirt that shows your business when going for shopping, site seeing, and other fun or leisure activities. This will let people know what you’re into. When they come around you to ask to engage them in an interesting discussion and tell them how your product can be of great benefit to them.


Local radio or TV stations may have programs that involve what you do and may be looking for guests to talk on their shows. Volunteer to that guest, this is a great medium to talk about what you do and promote your brand.


Hosting Seminar can do a lot of good. This is a medium for you to share your expertise and promote your business at the same time.

For example, if you sell tracking devices, you can tell your audience how this tracking devices work and offer them a discount when they make a purchase from you.


The seven ways listed here are just some among many other ways you can explore in promoting your business without spending much. Research for others.

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