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Daily Archives: September 2, 2017

Groundnut farming in Nigeria

groundnut farming

Groundnut is a regularly consumed crop in Nigeria. During its peak period (raining season) farmers make a lot of money trading it. Groundnut is a dual purpose crop, it is cultivated as an oil crop as well as protein, pulse or leguminous crop. Groundnut is usually grown for its oil. …

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Pig farming in Nigeria, complete information

pig farming

Pig farming is a very lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria but sadly, only a few Nigerians know about this trade. The initial investment required to start a pig farm is small compared to the huge profit you will enjoy later, their housing and equipment require little investment to start although …

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Rice farming in Nigeria, complete information

rice farming in nigeria

The profit prospects of rice farming in Nigeria is huge. Rice farming can bring the wealth you have always longed for, it is another cereal crop that is consumed by nearly half of the population of the world. In Nigeria, statistics have shown that Nigerians are the highest consumers of …

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8+ Home based business ideas

home based business ideas

Businesses have proven to be vital in our society. All activities we engage in today are mostly business related, it doesn’t matter whether you are self-employed or working in a private or government office, we all engage in businesses in one way or the other. A Business is simply buying …

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